Safari & Wildlife Matters

Safari & Wildlife Matters

And the winning photo is ....

And the winning photo is ….

If you followed the Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year's weekly summary, you'll be delighted to see who the 2017 winners are! ... Read More

Signs That You’ve Been To Africa

This smile-inducing list of ''Signs That You’ve Been to Africa'' got us wondering what your take home impression of Africa is? Please share it with us on our Facebook page ... Read More

The Voice Of Our Planet

David Attenborough "probably has done more than any single individual to crystallize for the world why taking climate change seriously is a moral and an existential imperative" ... Read More

Responsible “petting”

Do you want to pat/walk/feed a lion cub or ride an elephant? Look at the bigger picture ethically & see what happens to the animals long after you've left ... Read More

T&L’s World’s Best Cities Award

Add to your bucket list! T&L's awards of the most beloved cities on earth show how dynamic our world really is - especially in Africa ... Read More

Shooting Stars in Africa

When on safari .. Look Up! There’s a good chance the stars will be brighter in Africa than they are wherever you’re from - & Look Down! for the 'Little Five ... Read More

Images That Inspire

''The future of wildlife is in our hands” is the theme of this year’s UN-sponsored World Wildlife Day. We need images that inspire us to care and act to save our planet ... Read More

Inspiring Luxury Brands

Ardmore is collaborating with French luxury brand Hermès to produce a collection of silk scarves ... Read More

Reconnection to Nature’s Blueprint

Acclaimed sculptor Dylan Lewis' garden expresses the deep seated themes of his work, including the notion of an 'untamed wilderness' ... Read More

Beautiful Blue Beaches

Cape town is listed as one of only five places around the world to view penguins in their natural habitat ... Read More

Get involved … gift a tree

Think globally, Act locally. Gift a tree this Festive Season & give an everlasting gift to someone less fortunate in a barren and dusty settlement ... Read More

Personal pleasure vs. Earth’s sixth extinction

Don Pinnock, in his latest article ‘Proof trophy hunters don’t save a single animal’ asks a series of tough questions ... Read More

Evolutionary Chicanery

How smelly seeds outsmart dung beetles! A deceptive piece of evolution and one of the best examples of biomimicry for seed dispersion anywhere in the world ... Read More

Africa’s a Country, Right? Myths You Probably Believe

To combat the myths and negative impressions that the media can sometimes convey about Africa – reporting only on its disasters and catastrophes, see the hashtag #TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou ... Read More

Fund-raiser For Royal Conservation Project

''Conservation is as much about people and community programmes as it is about wildlife protection,” says Prince Harry whose charity Tusk works to save the African elephant & rhino ... Read More
African savanna elephant

How Nepal got to zero poaching

What the world can learn from Nepal's achievement: zero poaching for 365 days - twice! And for Africa's sake, let's hope that the Asian appetite for rhino & elephant can be diminished ... Read More

Safe Haven for the ”Littlest Hobo”

Uncanny second generation rescue of the ''littlest hobo'' by the family of renowned Zululand conservationist Lawrence Anthony ... Read More

Wondrous Interconnectedness

Follow the path of wild elephants who paid loving homage to their friend Lawrence Anthony - the ''Elephant Whisperer'' ... Read More
Boulders Beach near Cape Town in South Africa has a colony of African Penguins which settled there in 1982

Penguin Free Fall

It comes as a shock to learn that the African penguins at Boulders Beach face a daily battle for survival - and their numbers are in precipitous decline ... Read More

Tracks of Giants – an Epic Expedition

''Tracks of Giants'' is a journey across southern Africa to raise awareness of conservation needs by following ancient elephant migration paths on a 5-month, west to east adventure through 6 countries ... Read More
Triple Bottom Line Champions

Triple Bottom Line Champions

Raise your glass to an innovative local company producing distinctive wines while conserving African wild dogs & their habitat ... Read More
A Thrill Inducing Sight in the Wild

A Thrill Inducing Sight in the Wild

Who would have thought that this is what can be captured on camera high up in the Helderberg hills of Somerset West? South Africa has a new national treasure, in more senses than one! ... Read More
A True African Adventure of Epic Proportions

A True African Adventure of Epic Proportions

Born Wild: The extraordinary story of one man's passions. Part missionary, part madman, Tony Fitzjohn, belongs to a select species of human that has sought both refuge and meaning in a life dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the animal kingdom ... Read More