Visionary Matters

Visionary Matters

Visionary Plan By Pioneering Women

Migration to Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront's Silo district is a clever paradigm shift around the desirability & economic potential of local South African design ... Read More

Prestigious Wins

Decanter recognizes South Africa’s reputation as a world class wine producer & Chelsea Flower Show awards it a gold ... Read More

Twist To The Human Story

Spectacular South African fossils are revolutionizing the human family tree & radically changing our understanding of evolution ... Read More

Only a ‘Small Window of Time’

Other than massive investment in Africa’s mines, China is also a big market for elephant tusks & rhino horn, which has driven poaching to alarming heights ... Read More

The Voice Of Our Planet

David Attenborough "probably has done more than any single individual to crystallize for the world why taking climate change seriously is a moral and an existential imperative" ... Read More

Transformative Trailblazers

An innovative land reform deal in the Cape Winelands represents how owners & workers can co-own their production (sweat equity) and co-exist on land they are all tied to ... Read More

Prescient Commemoration

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Churchill's concern was that the loss of the past would mean “the most thoughtless of ages. Every day headlines and short views.” ... Read More

Saluting A Giver of Hope & Courage

South African humour. An advert in tribute to outgoing Public Protector, Advocate Thuli Madonsela ... Read More

Tribute to brilliant satirist

A documentary that captures a man and his lifetime commitment to South Africa by using satire to affect change ... Read More

Honouring Fearless South Africans

TIME magazine’s 2016 list of the 100 most influential people in the world includes public protector Thuli Madonsela & palaeo-anthropologist Lee Berger ... Read More

Reconnection to Nature’s Blueprint

Acclaimed sculptor Dylan Lewis' garden expresses the deep seated themes of his work, including the notion of an 'untamed wilderness' ... Read More

A Fitting Tribute to Mandela

A giant tapestry provides a constant reminder to the millions of people passing through Cape Town International airport about Mandela's legacy ... Read More

Award Winners – Responsible Tourism

Shining a light on the best of the best, these awards aim to surprise & inspire tourists & the tourism industry by what it is possible globally ... Read More

The Face That Changed The Human Story

As champion of South Africa's claim to be the true birthplace of humankind, palaeoanthropologist Lee Berger has added two completely new species to the human family tree ... Read More

Join Us for An Unforgettable Weekend of Art

Enjoy the cream of contemporary portraiture in South Africa. View 100 selected portraits on an art-filled weekend in choice spots around Cape Town & the Winelands ... Read More

Solving A Real Challenge In Real Time

A simple, yet visionary way to increase the number of cancer survivors through early detection, BreastIT is a mobile breast cancer diagnosis tool ... Read More

Fund-raiser For Royal Conservation Project

''Conservation is as much about people and community programmes as it is about wildlife protection,” says Prince Harry whose charity Tusk works to save the African elephant & rhino ... Read More

Courageous Cultural Ambassadors

Against the odds, with no formal training, a group of traditional dancers is representing SA at the acclaimed World Championships of Performing Arts in Hollywood ... Read More

Top Accolades for South African Brandy

Winner of the Best Brandy and Cognac Producer in the World, South Africa's KWV 20 is a delicious soft brandy with hints of dried apricot, citrus, honey, fruitcake & spices ... Read More
African savanna elephant

How Nepal got to zero poaching

What the world can learn from Nepal's achievement: zero poaching for 365 days - twice! And for Africa's sake, let's hope that the Asian appetite for rhino & elephant can be diminished ... Read More
Africa is now

Africa is Now

Africa is rejecting the descriptions that have historically defined it and is instead becoming the new benchmark for growth and ... Read More

Wilderness Trailblazer Remembered

A globally recognised conservation legend, Dr Ian Player was a visionary and an activist who profoundly influenced conservation and changed ... Read More

A Symphony of Sound

The Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra founded in 1914 as the Cape Town Municipal Orchestra is perhaps the most versatile and active ... Read More

In Remembrance

Armistice day was remembered in a unique way today... 11 November 2014 marks the centennial anniversary of Armistice Day, which ... Read More
M K Gandhi

What Gandhi gave South Africa, 100-yrs on

Mandela said that Gandhi was “the archetypal anti-colonial revolutionary” - who shaped the course of South African liberation history ... Read More

Let’s celebrate his inspiring trajectory

A South African science prodigy - with a planet named after him. He is the youngest member of an energy advisory ... Read More

Good News for Opera Lovers

The prestigious Belvedere Singing Competition aims to bring the opera world to Cape Town by holding its 2016 finals here ... Read More
Thuli madonsela

South Africa’s Fearless Public Advocate

With her ability to speak truth to power and to address corruption in high places, Thuli Madonsela has been outstanding ... Read More

Safe Haven for the ”Littlest Hobo”

Uncanny second generation rescue of the ''littlest hobo'' by the family of renowned Zululand conservationist Lawrence Anthony ... Read More
KBosch Chelsea 2014

Celebrating Sustainability at Chelsea Flower Show

Kirstenbosch highlights SA's ecological infrastructure & shows the harmony between nature, architecture and biomimicry ... Read More
Nelson Mandela RIP

Rest in Peace – Shapeshifter Extraordinaire

''When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people and his country, he can rest in peace'' ... Read More
The Butcher Boys - Jane Alexander

Saluting South African Visual Art Ambassadors

A work by South African sculptor Jane Alexander related to her seminal ''Butcher Boys'' has just broken the record for SA sculpture and contemporary art ... Read More
Art work

A Refreshing Slice Of What’s To Come

The Cape Town Art Fair promises to be a multi cultural layer cake in a great location - not just high brow art but a good cross-section - the 'real deal'. ... Read More
Black and white image

One Man, One March, One Speech, One Dream

''In August 1963, we heard the thunder of angels". Martin Luther King ''welcomed our souls and held our hearts in his hands'' with his I HAVE A DREAM speech ... Read More
Nelson Mandela Arrives At The InterContinental Hotel

Icon for peace, freedom, leadership,

The power of visual communication through the use of universal symbols and icons transcends language barriers and connects people everywhere ... Read More
Kirstenbosch & pincushion proteas

Kirstenbosch Gardens’ Centenary Celebration

Kirstenbosch Gardens are a refuge for the Cape's Floral Kingdom & its diverse descendants who have shaped history from Stone Age man to Khoi herders & colonialists ... Read More

Centennial Celebrants

Milestone year for Kirstenbosch Garden, along with the Chelsea Flower Show, where it's just won its 33 gold medal ... Read More
Cape Town Opera chorus

World Opera Awards Win

Cape Town Opera is judged the finest opera chorus in the world – according to this prestigious award! ... Read More
Desmond Tutu and Dalai Lama

Celebrating Excellence

Let’s champion award-winners in our own back yard and honour Desmond Tutu's prestigious Templeton award ... Read More

A pioneering artist, A remarkable legacy

See the 'snapshots in time'' of intrepid artist and epic traveller Marianne North, on display at Kew ... Read More
Art and performance

”The Met Crowd Went Bonkers”- Wall Street Journal

Cape Town Opera has moved from the little dormouse, squeaking at the bottom of Africa to a full-throated lion, ready to roar! ... Read More

Wondrous Interconnectedness

Follow the path of wild elephants who paid loving homage to their friend Lawrence Anthony - the ''Elephant Whisperer'' ... Read More
Ardmore_ chameleon

Ardmore – A Ceramic Powerhouse

''Fresh combinations of whimsy fused with Zulu folklore'' ... as Fraser Conlon, director of Amaridian, a New York City gallery observes ... Read More

Relive History at ”The Capture Site”

I can’t think of any capture sites where the "captured" have become truly celebrated individuals. What a great piece of history to be able to relive!'' ... Read More
What will you be doing for Mandela Day?

What will you be doing for Mandela Day?

"There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to help others without expecting anything in return." Nelson Mandela ... Read More
Statue of antropologist, Philip Tobias, Sterkfontein Caves, near Johannesburg, South Africa

Phillip Tobias’ Incomparable Legacy

Let us honour Phillip Tobias, the esteemed South African palaeo-anthropologist, whose bequest is an incomparable legacy for humankind ... Read More
Triple Bottom Line Champions

Triple Bottom Line Champions

Raise your glass to an innovative local company producing distinctive wines while conserving African wild dogs & their habitat ... Read More
A Salute to a Courageous Visionary

A Salute to a Courageous Visionary

Wangari Maathai, the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize, an eco warrior & founder of the Green Belt Movement ... Read More
The Nelson Mandela Capture Site

The Nelson Mandela Capture Site

Marks his capture and commemorates his life, times ... and his long walk to freedom ... Read More
Spatz Sperling, Delhein

Intrepid Trailblazers

Forty years ago some far-sighted winemakers from Stellenbosch pioneered a ''wine route'' ... ... Read More
Stephen Watson - A Lyrical Chronicler

Stephen Watson – A Lyrical Chronicler

Stephen Watson’s prose and poetry touched people deeply – he too ’had made of the bone of his heart … a treasure and gifted it to us’, and his passing leaves a profound void ... Read More
A Call to Arms

A Call to Arms

There may be gas beneath our ground in the Karoo. But are we prepared to destroy our environment for 5 to 10 years worth of fossil fuel and further damage our climate? ... Read More
Recognising Leadership in our Land

Recognising Leadership in our Land

Inspiring South Africans to take responsibility for our social development by giving what we can, by contributing as we can and by recognising ourselves in the philanthropic role models that the Inyathelo Awards applaud. Cape Insights is proud to be associated with some of these initiatives ... Read More
A True African Adventure of Epic Proportions

A True African Adventure of Epic Proportions

Born Wild: The extraordinary story of one man's passions. Part missionary, part madman, Tony Fitzjohn, belongs to a select species of human that has sought both refuge and meaning in a life dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the animal kingdom ... Read More
Celebrating Scoops

Celebrating Scoops

The South African film Themba: A Boy Called Hope has scooped an international award. And 14 out of 20 local Cape restaurants have just been nominated for the “2010 Eat Out Top 10 Restaurants” list ... Read More
Champions in Our Own Backyard

Champions in Our Own Backyard

At the 2010 International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC) held in London, The White Winemaker of the Year went to Callie van Niekerk of Distell, Laborie Alambic Brandy was voted 'Best Brandy in the World' & The Fair Trade Trophy was awarded to Stellar Winery ... Read More
On Being 'The Change You Want to See'

On Being ‘The Change You Want to See’

Lead SA reminds South Africans that it is within our power to take the initiative to change ourselves and our country - and to celebrate the unsung heroes. ... Read More
''Untamed'' - Wild and Wonderful

”Untamed” – Wild and Wonderful

Hotfoot it to ''Untamed'', a collaborative exhibition in Kirstenbsoch Botanic Gardens that explores what ''wilderness'' means, and what its loss entails to the human psyche. It's a must see ... Read More
Looking at What Works …

Looking at What Works …

Christo Wiese recently suggested we ‘’not only see the positive - but embrace it and contribute to it.'' In an address to ... Read More