A True African Adventure of Epic Proportions


Tony Fitzjohn has spent over forty years re-introducing lions, leopards, rhinos and African hunting dogs to the wild.

He is one of the world’s leading field experts on the relationship between man and African wildlife, having worked alongside George Adamson of Born Free fame for 18 years at Kora in Kenya.

He is currently in South Africa, launching his first book, Born Wild.
Buy it as an inspiration for yourself, and as wondrous gift for your friends. Pack Christmas stockings with it.

According to an interview with Shirley le Guern, ”Tony’s story of the years he spent working with wildlife icon George Adamson and his struggle to rescue and rehabilitate Mkomazi, a 1 500 square mile wasteland in Tanzania, comes at a time when South Africa’s conservationists are facing one of their biggest challenges, namely, the poaching of hundreds of rhino.”

”For the many who are depressed at the prospect of never beating human greed and cruelty, this book is a wonderful example of how tackling the odds one step at a time can deliver incredible results.”

”Tony believes that he has debunked the myth held by many that black Africans don’t care about the environment. “As I have grown up in my book, I have taken a wider view. Hopefully, I have showed the competency and passion of those with whom I have worked and given credit where credit is due.”

”Born Wild is the story of man with a big heart. He may share his frustrations with the ineptitude and bureaucracy that is endemic to Africa, but he is quick to single out those that helped him overcome.  “I love what I do and I feel very blessed that Tanzania and Kenya allowed me to carry on and do things the way I wanted to.”

”He will continue to on his return to Kora. “Conservation will be a challenge forever but (these problems) can be overcome. If we could turn Mkomazi around, then we can do it with other places – and others can do it too.”
Follow his footsteps at Kora. ”I wasn’t born here,” says Tony ”but I plan to die here.”

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