Africa’s a Country, Right? Myths You Probably Believe


How do you spot an African? That’s easy because we all look the same, speak the same, keep lions as pets and will probably give you ebola … right? Wrong!

Myth 1. The whole of Africa isn’t one big safari park, in fact you might have to drive quite a way before you encounter a lion. Lest you forget lions are endangered wild animals that belong in their natural habitat far from cities. So keep the windows closed! This goes for baboons too, especially around Cape Town.

To combat the myths and negative impressions that the local and international media can sometimes convey about Africa – reporting only on its disasters and catastrophes – the hashtag #TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou has gone viral on Twitter, with tens of thousands of locals showcasing the BEST of Africa … the wonderful, beautiful and inspiring images and events the “world’ often never sees.

The campaign is supported by the United Nation’s World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) who says that tourism in Africa is so promising … and yet hindered by “lack of knowledge or misperception about the reality in Africa”.

Image courtesy of Animal Pics. This article first appeared on and is republished here with kind permission of Rebecca Houston, Travel Start.

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