An “Ubuntu” Celebration

We love a celebration!  And when it is wild, whimsical and just plain wonderful, we raise our glasses even higher.

The bride is the creative director, a self-confessed “specialised hoarder (collector of things) and maker of more things” as well as successor at Marianne Fassler – a South African icon and Fashion Designer with a 40-year legacy – and also an art and lover of life! The venue was The David Krynauw Chapel in Morningside, Johannesburg.

Lezanne Viviers’s recent marriage brought together all the things we dearly love about Africa; The Spirit of Ubuntu, creativity and celebrating it generously with others. 

Get yourself a cup of tea/coffee and turn the sound up while you watch the video below.
And you may just find yourself smiling at the end of it.
If planning a trip to Africa … we are happy to oblige.

Image and quote courtesy of @liamlanthony and 

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