And Then Came The Bees

Often we have those “Aha” moments when forced to think outside of the box.
Certain constraints allow one to dream within the freedom of a tight brief.

Handling a raiding elephant is by no means a small task (excuse the pun).
But we just love how this problem was resolved by the “Elephant and Bees Project”.

“Our studies show that farms with beehive fences experience fewer crop raids and consequently have higher productivity than those farm areas which are unprotected.
Showing that the beehive fence is considerably more effective as a barrier than the traditional thorn-bush fences that most farmers use to keep out wildlife,” says Dr. Lucy King, who heads the Human Elephant Coexistence Program at Save the Elephants and leads the Elephants and Bees Project.

See more about them here. It should put a smile on your face.

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