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Cultural Crossroads Tour: Description

Be captivated by the mystique of ancient African ways.
Uncover the legends, myths and cultural landscape of a noble and long-forgotten civilization on the banks of the Limpopo at
Mapungubwe while staying at Mogalakwena River Lodge.

River Lodge, Mogalakwena

Mogalakwena is a creative hub on the border of South Africa and Zimbabwe, upstream from the confluence of the Mogalakwena and Limpopo rivers, set in a peaceful wilderness amidst fever trees and fragrant citrus orchards, that offers ample opportunities for varied bush as well as creative experiences.

Unleash your innate creativity while interacting with local crafters and experiencing their traditional skills at Mogalakwena, an Artist’s Retreat.

Choose from a number of daily activities such as: Basket weaving, where you source raw materials and learn traditional techniques; Pottery, where you dig the clay, coil pots and pit-fire your work alongside resident potters; Embroidery, where you practice indigenous designs; or Beading, where your try your hand at local techniques.

Visit the Mogalakwena Craft Art Development Foundation which nurtures intrinsic cultural skills and creates employment for local Pedi women, or the interpretive Research Centre for African Ecology and Anthropology, both pioneered by Dr Elbé Coetsee.

And at Mapungubwe, a World Heritage Site, explore the remains of a long vanished civilization that is the earliest known kingdom in sub Saharan Africa. Its Interpretive Centre, awarded World Building of the Year (2009), uses modern developments in structural geometry along with an ancient construction technique to implement a unique structure authentically rooted to its location. 

At the crossroads of north/south and east/west trade routes, this culturally significant site controlled trade to India and China from around 900 to 1300 AD onwards.
Take a guided visit around this enigmatic hub, whose star attraction, the Golden Rhino is a tangible symbol of past glories and the African Renaissance.

There are a number of exciting Safari options to see The Big Five that you could take advantage of  when you leave this area. Just ask us.
For an independent take on all that’s available here, read Marcella Echavarria’s article in Hand/Eye magazine: Mogalakwena, Craft village with soul.

The Limpopo river