Changing the World – One Story at a Time

It all started, like the best ideas do, with three friends in a café. They knew they wanted to create two things: a ‘not-a-service’ business – and a business that could change things.

But it was only over their distracted argument regarding the validity of left-brained (lined pages) and right-brained (blank pages) notebooks, that the idea for a whole-brained note-taking experience started to take shape.
They figured that as a business, they could change things. Which is how their baby,, was born.

They partner with Ikamva Labantu, an organisation committed to uplifting communities and creating sustainable change in the townships, where an integral part of The Early Childhood Development (ECD) program happens through the donation of the story books by  

Just as the Writable (a leather bound cover with interchangeable notebooks) provides us with a canvas to conceptualise and kick-start our world changing ideas, so do story books in nurturing developing the minds of young children.

Hearing one of the three founders, Pierre du Plessis talk about how story-telling changes the narrative for a developing child, particularly in their home language, is inspiring!  

Write something. Words matter.
Draw more. Pictures are your pen’s way of
showing off. Think more.
Your brain is a prison for thoughts, set them free.
Set yourself free. Set others free. Make notes.
A good note is a memory captured.
Memories rock. Rock on. Write on.
Do write. Do right.

For the love of words, do read more about them: 


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