Connecting Cultures

What better way to step into a new decade than this video with a powerful message: ”Culture – the way we express ourselves and understand each other – can bind us together as one world.”

In August 2018 Yo-Yo Ma began a two-year journey to perform Bach’s six suites for solo cello in 36 countries around the world.
Motivated not only by his six-decade relationship with music, but by Bach’s ability to speak to our shared humanity at a time when civic conversation is so focused on division.

Bach’s 300-year-old music is one extraordinary example of how culture connects us and can help us to imagine and build a better future.
And Yo-Yo Ma believes there are many more. For him, culture includes not just the arts, but everything that helps us to understand our environment, each other and ourselves, from music, to literature, to science and food.

The Bach Project explores and celebrates ALL the ways that culture makes us stronger as individuals, as communities, and as a planet.
The Bach Project sees Yo-Yo Ma perform Bach’s music in 36 places around the world on six continents, and partner with community organisations and artists in each location for “36 Days of Action” – that explore how culture connects us.
And in February he will be playing in Cape Town‘s glorious Kirstenbosch National Botanic Garden!

Watch Yo-Yo Ma playing in front of a dramatic cityscape, that pans to very different scenes – from a ballet studio, to an ice rink, from a potter’s studio to a tailor’s workshop.
The clips in the video were put togther by Ma’s team in response to a question: ”Show the world how you express yourself and what brings your community together.”

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