Frequently Asked Questions | & Answers 

How do I book?

Just email us your contact information, telling us when it’s convenient to chat and we’ll call you.
Or call us on tel+27(0)21 424 0018 – office hours Mon – Fri – and we are GMT+2.
If you’re calling after hours, simply leave a message and we’ll return your call the next business day.
We‘ll find out precisely what you want – and give you real answers in real time.
As well as tell you about tour availability … and anything else you’d like to know.
See How to Book 

How do I pay for my trip?

Payment can be made offline by bank transfer or online via our secure payment portal where we accept Visa & MasterCards.
Should you pay by credit card for a Custom, Add-on or Day tour, a fee will be added to offset commensurate bank charges. See here for the fees.  Click here for How to Pay

What are your payment terms?

Our prices are in South African Rands (ZAR).
To reserve your trip we ask that you first contact us to confirm availability, read our Booking Conditions and then complete our Booking Form that details the terms, which vary according to the type of tour you are booking.

Why is there a supplement for single travellers?

We charge a single supplement to individual travellers who wish to ensure that they have private rooms throughout a trip. Whatever our opinion, it seems to be the industry norm among hoteliers that rooms cost the same regardless of number of occupants.
Two people can split the cost of a $100 room, paying $50 each, or one person can pay the full $100. When expressed as a per person cost, this looks like a $50 single supplement.

Do you book international flights?

No we don’t. Which means you get the freedom to choose your flying class as well as route / use your frequent flyer air miles.
And if you opt for a pre or post trip extension, you’ll minimise your carbon footprint – and maximise your long-haul journey.
Since you make your own arrangements, our only proviso is that the responsibility for joining the group is yours and that the rest of the party cannot wait if you are delayed.
Direct international flights to South Africa regularly depart from major US and European hubs, such as New York, Atlanta and Amsterdam.
Johannesburg is the most common hub and a good one to factor in for at least one way if you intend going on a safari, while there are limited flights directly into Cape Town.
South Africa’s flight network is very regular and safe.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance protects you against unforeseen problems and issues relating to your trip.
There are four main types of travel insurance coverage: Cancellation & Interruption, Emergency Medical, Baggage & Personal Effects, Flight & Accident.
While each type can be obtained separately, it’s usually best to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance package, which includes most or all types of coverage.

Do I really need travel insurance?

Yes. Because you will be widely exposed if you do not have travel insurance. Cancelling or interrupting a trip, or dealing with major hospital bills can be very costly.

Doesn’t my credit card or health plan cover me?

Some credit cards and health plans offer a degree of travel insurance coverage, but very few offer comprehensive coverage against trip cancellation & interruption.

How does Cancellation & Interruption coverage work?

Cancellation & Interruption insurance protects you against the loss of non-refundable amounts if you need to cancel your trip prior to departure, or costs incurred if you must interrupt your trip, for an allowable reason such as flight cancellation or serious illness of a family member. If you do not have this coverage, cancelling or interrupting a trip can cost you thousands.

Do I need entry visas?

No visas are required for adult visitors to South Africa from North America or Europe.
But do remember – you will need two clear pages in your passport which must remain valid for six months after your return home.

Do I need shots or inoculations?

The Cape is not a malaria risk area, though certain parts of the country are, such as around the Kruger National Park, so it’s best to visit a travel health clinic for their recommendation, as well as to check that your standard global travel vaccinations are up to date.
Southern African immigration is quite particular about yellow fever risks, so make sure you have received your shot if you’re coming from a country where it’s prevalent.

When is a good time to visit?

South Africa is a year round destination – where every month has its highlights because of distinctly different weather patterns within its many regions.
The Cape has a mild Mediterranean climate … so pack sunscreen, sunglasses and a pashmina/warmer outer layer. The long, hot Summer days (November to late March) are sunshine filled, with dusky evenings and star-studded nights, though they can be windy too, so travel with a wide brimmed hat that stays on and a lightweight wind breaker.
Spring (September / October) and Autumn (April / May) are canny times to visit because it’s usually balmy in between seasons and nature is at its showiest in spring.
Winter (June – August) can be stormy yet also produce perfect temperate days. Called The Green Season this is the time to spot whales along both coastlines, photograph swathes of wildflowers in August or gather around the fire with a glass of Pinotage.
For seeing the The Big Five, prime safari time is the dry winter season in the north, from May through October, since there is less cover for the animals to hide behind as they seek out water sources.
For specific interests, there’s always a month to match: March is awesome for turtle hatching along the Kwa Zulu Natal coastline, while July is perfect for whale watching around Hermanus on the southern coastline and October is breathtaking for the splendours of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

How risky is travelling in South Africa?

You simply need to be as vigilant as you would be in any big city.
Apply discretion and avoid ostentatious possessions.
Your safety and security is our top priority and our tour leaders watch out for you every step of the way.

How fit should you be to take part?

Ours are active holidays, where walking is an essential element of our tours – whether looking at architecture, exploring archaeological sites or venturing on unpaved terrain in gardens or cobbled city streets. This should not present problems for anyone who manages every day walking and stair-climbing without difficulty.
If you would like the use of a wheelchair at any stage of the tour, including airports, then our tours would not be suitable for you.
Please consult us if you have any doubts about your eligibility to cope with a particular tour.
We ask that participants have a level of mobility that will not spoil the enjoyment of others by slowing then down.

What happens on the days when meals are not included?

Most clients welcome the opportunity for independence. Others would rather not search for dinner. In either case, our tour leaders will recommend suitable restaurants for you. Owner Marion Ellis ”knows her jus from her roux”  and was a leading restaurateur in her time, so eating out recommendations are close to her heart – and come with your pre-tour information.

How do I cancel my booking?

For legal reasons, we need to receive your cancellation either in writing or by email: [email protected]

How much of the total cost of the tour is forfeit?

We take as the day of cancellation that on which we receive your written / online confirmation of cancellation.
See The Fine Print for the specifics, which vary according to the tour type.

What is your cancellation policy?

Do please read The Fine Print for our Terms & Conditions.

What happens if you cancel the tour?

If Cape Insights cancels, we would advise you eight weeks or more before a Small Group tour was due to start, and would refund you fully.
We would cancel a tour if there were too few participants, or if the quality of the tour or the safety of the participants was judged to be compromised by circumstances amounting to force majeure, such as civil unrest, hostilities, natural disasters or adverse weather conditions.
We reserve the right to cancel any tour at any time for any reason.