D is for Dropping Pounds

The A-Z Guide of Not Killing the Planet When You Travel

Being a responsible traveler sounds simple in theory: Just go green. Take care of the environment.
But when it comes time to actually taking action, it can get a bit overwhelming.
With this in mind, Condé Nast compiled 26 actually do-able steps to be an eco-friendly traveler.
So – where to start? And what to pack?

Overpacking has more consequences than just putting stress on your suitcase’s zippers
Packing efficiently for a flight not only helps you narrow down what you truly need, it also reduces an aircraft’s carbon emissions. 

To lighten your load, cut out clothes that aren’t multipurpose and get rid of paper weight by downloading books on an iPad or e-reader.

The next time you feel that familiar urge to complain about baggage rules and fees, remember that the lighter the aircraft, the less fuel it burns.

The airline matters, too: A 2017 study from the International Council on Clean Transportation shows that Alaska Airlines continues to be a fuel-efficient leader; Frontier, Spirit, Southwest, and Hawaiian rounded out the top five.

We even dare you to just go with what you can place in hand luggage/cabin …

Image courtesy of Anastasia Beltyukova and text Condé Nast Traveler 


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