Flower Mecca


It’s springtime in South Africa and the Western Cape is spectacular beyond dreaming.
How lucky are we that a mere one hour’s drive up the coast can reveal much beauty.

The flower mecca of Postberg in the West Coast National Park is only open to the public from August to September. Less than 100 km from Cape Town, this park has as its focal point the beautiful Langebaan Lagoon, as popular with with migrant birds as people.
So ecologically important that it’s a Ramsar Site (deemed to be of international importance for the conservation of wetland birds). And Geelbeck’s waterbird hide let’s you freely enjoy this legendary birding site.
To satisfy conflict of interest, the lagoon is divided into 3 zones, where the wilderness area is home to major breeding sites – as well as the Postberg section.

Did you know that one of the country’s most important cultural artefacts was found here in 1996?
Dubbed Eve’s Footprints, they are the oldest known footprints of anatomically modern human, found in a sand dune that had turned to rock, and have been dated at 117,000 years.

See copies of these prints when you pop into The Fossil Park near by, for a glimpse of the largest collection of 5-million year old fossils in the world, where you can also have a bite.

The Darling area has a variety of veld types that gives rise to a diverse array of wildflowers, with 80 species being endemic to the area. Much like fire to fynbos, the fate of each wildflower species depends on the annual rainfall, the soil quality and the wind factor. Come spring you never know what you are going to find.
Tread lightly through Waylands, one of the oldest family farms in the area, and the Tinie Versefeld reserve.
Be enchanted by the abundance in our backyard – join us this spring to see for yourself!

Image courtesy Trevor Maré – Hobie Cat sailing and kitesurfing in Langebaan Lagoon.
See more at: http://magazine.africageographic.com/weekly/issue-65/west-coast-wonders-gallery/ag-mag-gallery/image/hobie-cat-sailing-and-kitesurfing-langebaan-trevor-mare/#sthash.RMYuWg8e.dpuf

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