From Bowling Green to Bowl of Greens


Uniting and educating communities through self-sustaining urban farms.
In South Africa, the idea of urban farming has taken some time to take root, but the Oranjezicht City Farm (OZCF) is a non-profit project that aims to celebrate both food and community.

The site comprises part of the original “Oranje Zigt Farm” established in 1709, making it one of many heritage sites around Cape Town.
Walking along the pathways, pioneer Sheryl Ozinsky explains that this is only a pilot project; each community is different. “We may have found what works for Oranjezicht, but each community is different and what works here, may not work somewhere else.”

The Oranjezicht City Farm (OZCF) is located next to the corner of Sidmouth Avenue and Upper Orange Street, adjacent to Homestead Park.
As individuals, we can bring about change every day through what we choose to buy and cook.
But change also begins in our communities, and through action we can take together with our families, our neighbours, our local farmers, our local shops, and even our politicians.
Together, we can assume more control over at least some of the food we eat, by understanding where it comes from, who has grown it, how it has been grown and how it has arrived on our plates.
And we can even get actively involved in the process by growing our own, or helping a farmer, or setting up a food buying co-op, or influencing decisions made locally that will support a better local food system.

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