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Globally – half of all tree species in the Amazon face extinction, warn international scientists.
According to new data published in the journal, Science Advances, up to 57% of all Amazonian trees may already fit the criteria of being globally threatened, which raises the number of threatened plant species on Earth by almost a quarter.

Forest cover in the Amazon has been shrinking for decades, but little is known about the impact on individual plant species.
The trees at risk include iconic species like the Brazil nut tree, food crops such as cacao, the source of chocolate, as well as rare trees that are almost unknown to science.

Locally – Cape Insights endorses Trees and Food for Africa and hopes to inspire you to … gift a tree this Festive Season!
Plant a tree in honour, gratitude, celebration, or in memory of a loved one, friend, relative, client or business associate and give a growing and everlasting gift to someone less fortunate in a barren and dusty settlement.

Trees and Food for Africa educates, offsets carbon emissions and transforms schools and other community centres into healthier more sustainable environments. They respond to applications for trees from communities living in barren, dusty townships and delivers trees with instructions on how to plant and maintain them.
Millions of trees have been distributed to schools, clinics, old age homes, hospices, police stations and other community centres, but there are calls for many more.

Trees are funded through paperless billing, recycling, percentage of product contributions and carbon offset. Individuals and companies give trees and receive certificates for themselves, or as gifts for others. Costs per tree for this programme are R120 all inclusive.

Photo: flickr/Richard Masoner  –  Video: Trees for all


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