Human-Centred Design

Rather than subscribing to the idea that the stories of Africa are framed by problems, we prefer to think of them as opportunities. Opportunities that pave a way for innovation unlike any other.

In this week’s Design Indaba Conference talks, we’re given a glimpse into the ways a human-centred approach to design enhances this process.

Kenyan UX designer and director at Brck, Mark Kamau lays his optimism for the continent bare as he shares his journey of making the Internet accessible to 800 million people in under-resourced areas all over the world.

Similarly, a South African ophthalmologist Dr. William Mapham found an opportunity in the healthcare sector. You might be wondering what a doctor was doing on a creative conference stage?

He noticed a serious need for fast, reliable, specialist advice in rural areas. And so, he turned to design and tech to create the Vula Mobile app, which has had a significant impact on diagnoses and treatment.

Lemonade, anyone?

Image courtesy Ciril Jazbec, National Geographic

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