Images That Inspire


Eye on the Prize – A Cape gannet prepares to touch down on Malgas Island, South Africa.

In honour of World Wildlife Day, we share National Geographic photographer Thomas Peschak’s image. He spent days studying the flight patterns of the birds until “this one bird rewarded me with this near perfect head on approach”.

“The future of wildlife is in our hands” is the theme of this year’s UN-sponsored World Wildlife Day, which celebrates wild animals and plants around the world.
The day also spreads awareness about threats facing species, such as African and Asian elephants. It highlights the relationship between human beings and wildlife and how people can help different species survive.

“Photography can change the world,” says Steve Winter. “We need images that inspire us to care and to act to save our planet.”

Courtesy: National Geographic Photographers’ Favorite Wildlife Pictures by Wajeeha Malik

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