Inspiring Luxury Brands


Ardmore is known for its exuberant, exotic style exalting flora and fauna. Highly sought-after by collectors, its ceramic pieces – from tea sets and tureens to dishes and figurines – feature fantastical flourishes like elephants and monkeys or palms and proteas.

Since establishing this ceramic art company in 1985, Fée Halsted has globally entrenched her iconic vision of African art. Now Ardmore is collaborating with French luxury brand Hermès to produce a collection of silk scarves. The designs depict the very iconic colours, fauna, and flora of Ardmore and can be purchased directly from Hermès.

Two-and-a-half years ago, Hermès approached Halsted about a possible collaboration – they submitted six designs and two were accepted – The Savana Dance and La Marche du Zambèze (above).

At the London Design Week: Focus 2015, their Monkey Palm and Bird Crossing Night designs became the poster child for the entire event at the Chelsea Harbour Centre, which was where they launched their Qalakabusha fabric range.

Since the launch of Halsted in 2013 by Fleur Heyns, Feé Halsted and Jonathan Berning, this brand has received remarkable attention. The first collection of products was showcased at Design Indaba in Cape Town and in October 2015 they opened their flagship store in Hyde Park, Johannesburg.
Currently they offer luxury table linens as well as their first wearable product, handbags as part of The Ardmore Collection. The products boast locally designed fabric, inspired by their sister company Ardmore Ceramic Art (Ardmore) from the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands in South Africa.

For an exclusive preview of the Qalakabusha fabric and homeware ranges, join the Halsted team on the 17th of March at Patrick Mavros in London. For an invitation to this event/further details contact Kelly at /

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