It’s Time To Care


The Oranjezicht City Farm (OZCF) Market Day is a harvest of fruit and vegetables grown by more than 12 local farmers. Celebrate these heroes who make it possible to have delicious, fresh-from-the-farm, locally grown food.

From: 9am to 2pm each Saturday, Granger Bay at the V&A Waterfront.
Entrance: There is no fee to enter the market. Pedestrian entrances are open directly from The Lookout and on Beach Road, and cyclists, joggers, dog walkers and others are most welcome.
Public transport: The MyCiTi 104 route stops opposite the market on Beach Road and at the main V&A Waterfront stop.
The T01 also stops there, as well as on Granger Bay Blvd a block from the market.
Parking: It is a pleasure – either on site at The Lookout (R10 for the entire day), in one of the many V&A Waterfront parking garages, at The Grand Cafe and Beach with a short walk up the wooden steps to the market, or you can park for free along Beach Road, opposite the Somerset Hospital and Fort Wynyard

Why is it time to care?
OZFC recently saw a headline on a website that caught their attention, “Be Kinder to Sows”. They started reading and realised that the popular perception of pig farming – contented pigs roaming around and rooting in the soil – could not be further from the truth for many pigs.

Breeding sows are kept throughout their pregnancies in narrow stalls. These are in reality no more than cages. They are unable to exercise or even turn around for nearly four months at a time. Breeding sows are the mothers who produce piglets for the pork and bacon industry. Aware of widespread public feeling against sow stalls, a number of countries have taken a lead on this issue. Sow stalls have already been banned in the UK and Sweden. Laws have also been passed to end this system in Finland, the Netherlands and Denmark; their bans came into force in 2006, 2008 and 2014 respectively.

In South Africa we urgently need to stamp out this cruelty once and for all. Two South African retailers have recently announced that all fresh pork sold by them will be sourced from farms that no longer use conventional sow stalls.

What Can You Do?
Ask your supermarket to stock only pork and bacon from kinder systems rather than caged sows.
Ask your supermarket about a labelling initiative that will see “Kinder to Sows” stickers on fresh pork that meet new sourcing requirements.
Shop at farmers markets, where you are most likely to know the source of the pork, and ask the traders about how the pigs were raised.



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