Gateways – a Botanical Journey

“Gateways – a botanical journey” documents South Africa’s unique flora and scenic attractions.

The 2012 Kirstenbosch-SA exhibit is rather like the diary of a traveller, it takes visitors on a journey through changing botanical and cultural landscapes which show South Africa’s unique flora, against the backdrop of watercolour paintings of picturesque locations.

Attractions allow visitors to experience many fascinating species that thrive within the varying climates such as the south-western Cape coast and interior (Fynbos biome) extending into Namaqualand and the semi-arid Karoo (Succulent Karoo biome) and onward to the northern provinces of KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga (Grassland biome).

Complementary cut-outs set the scene – a gracious Cape Dutch Manor House here, a fisherman’s cottage, a rough Karoo farm track, a windmill, an Ndebele (traditional tribal design) archway. The low perimeter wall on each side features a typical architectural gateway providing a ‘sense of arrival’ at each destination.

By taking visitors on a journey across the country, they get the sense of how each location has its own iconic attractions” said designers David Davidson and Ray Hudson. “It must also be remembered that while many countries exhibiting show spring flowers we are in our winter cycle, so our display is significantly different.”

”This is a motivation to visit South Africa  and experience the diversity of our seasons, landscapes and cultures. We have already had a visit from Sir Cliff Richard who was most interested in the exhibit, having performed at Kirstenbosch some years ago” (where they also have outdoor musical concerts in summer).

The exhibit combines nature and cultural diversity to create an intriguing combination of rich botanical biodiversity and iconic architectural elements offering glimpses into the land. Have you thought of venturing south independently to see for yourself?
For more pictres of the exhibit and different biomes and backdrops …

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