Numbers Really Do Matter

Great Plains Conservation

Listen up. Numbers matter. Undeniably. Significantly.

36 happens to be the percentage of human land biomass across the planet.
That means more than a third of all life, across all continents, is human.

60 is the percentage of the earth’s total life made up by our livestock!
We grow and farm animals to feed that 36%, and we do it in huge numbers, even chopping down forests to grow feed for cattle to provide for us or ravaging wildlands, removing predators – all competing for grass!

But the real number is 4.
Squeezed out of the total percentage, game is 4% – representing anything wild. All wildlife.

Which really makes us think about just how close wildlife is to the tipping point to extinction.
How wildlife is in a version of ‘critical’ ICU … and that it is our collective duty to bring it back from that destiny.
Without the tourism industry’s annual $50Billion steady stream of tourism revenues, communities suffer, conservation suffers and wildlife, well, wildlife declines in number and percentage.

4% is a shocking jolt to realism, like being hit by a buffalo.
Today, more than ever before, we need those who have a ‘warrior’ mentality.
Who respect, understand and afford dignity to wildlife.
This is why we salute warriors focussed on what tourism does for conservation and communities. 

The Great Plains Foundation, a “Conservation First” company is doing just this.
Its founders Derek & Beverly Joubert have put their lives on the line, and are dedicating their efforts to Recovery and Protection, Growth and Rehabilitation of the wild. 

World Wildlife Day (the 3rd of March annually) is about enjoying and respecting wildlife. 
It is about taking a moment to think about our relationship with wildlife and reinventing our relationship there.
As we celebrate World Wildlife Day we should also challenge ourselves to do better, even just 1% better.

Grateful acknowledgement& inspiration: Derek Joubert, Great Plains

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