Quality With A Conscience


Two South African initiatives that are inspired by their ”terroir”.

What began as a paper cutout inspired by the pincushion protea is now a range of beautiful tablecloths, designed and made in Cape Town by Skinny laMinx.

A classic pattern and a classic weaving construction have been combined in a graphic and contemporary way through the use of scale and colour in Mungo‘s bold new blanket.
Woven with cotton grown in Southern Africa in nine different coloured yarns on a wide-width Dornier loom at the Mungo Mill in Plettenberg Bay.

Its name is a play on the word “froufrou”, which describes ornamentation or the sound of rustling fabric. It is the first design from Mungo’s designer Lenore Schroeder under the tutelage of Mungo’s founder and Master Weaver Stuart Holding. Lenore delved into Mungo’s vast archives of historic patterns and designs, studying the checks of the classic Harris Tweed that was originally woven on the Hattersley looms that Mungo uses today.

“For me, the Vrou-Vrou is a piece of textile art that is functional. The interior trends at the moment are so focused on minimalism that I thought why not throw in a 3D construction fabric in amazing colours?” Experimenting with intersections of colour, increasing the scale of the well-known plaid check, and using the neat, pocket-like structure of the weave then became the building blocks for the Vrou-Vrou Throw.

“Quality with a conscience never goes out of fashion.”

Acknowledgement Visi magazine, Amelia Brown, Mary Garner

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