Shooting Stars in Africa


Two snippets about ”stars” in Africa have just crossed my path …
When on safari in Africa …Look Up!
If you keep your eyes on the ground the whole time you’re on safari, you’ll miss out on some of Africa’s most beautiful birds, as well as other animals (monkeys, monitor lizards) that like to hide high in trees.
There’s a good chance the stars will be brighter in Africa than they are wherever you’re from (unless you’re from Africa), so make sure to take the time to enjoy them at night. Many stargazing apps will work in remote areas, but your safari guide should be able to point out important constellations.
Look Down!
Many travelers on safari are in search of the “big five”—the African lion, elephant, and leopard, along with the rhinoceros and the Cape buffalo—but the “little five” are just as exciting. Aside from the buffalo weaver bird, the other four can only be found by looking at the ground: elephant shrew, rhinoceros beetle, leopard tortoise, and ant lion, to say nothing of the amazing dung beetle.
Wise words from Jeannette Kimmel, the editorial business manager for National Geographic Traveler magazine

Big Stars in Cape Town to Shoot Stephen King Movie – a headline in today’s news
Shooting of “The Dark Tower”, starring Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba, directed by Dane Nikolaj Arcel, famous for making the first “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and the “A Royal Affair”, has started in Cape Town and desert-like shooting locations in South Africa.

While I was searching for an appropriate image to share with you I chanced upon this … which I urge you to watch

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