Signs That You’ve Been To Africa

This smile-inducing list of ”Signs That You’ve Been to Africa” got us wondering what your take home impression of Africa is?

1. You look for tracks in the ground and markings on the trees when you go for a walk in your local park.

2. You don’t look at house cats the same way. I mean, they’re like tiny leopards, right?

3. David Attenborough has now made it onto your list of the three people you’d most like to have dinner with.

Sir David Attenborough is the president of wildlife charity Butterfly Conservation

4. On the topic of dinner, welcoming guests with a song seems completely natural.

5. You prefer your meat cooked on an open flame.

6. For some reason, you want to call your mother and thank her for everything.

7. You don’t ask questions like do they know your friend in Africa.

8. Niagara Falls just doesn’t look that big anymore.

9. Neither do the trees in your street.

10. And your treehouse just isn’t up to scratch anymore either.

11. Your preferred sundowner is now a gin and tonic and your coffee has Amarula in it.

12. When things get stressful at work, you simply smile and say, “Hakuna Matata”.
Before you can explain, Steve from Accounting says bitterly, “Don’t worry, we know what it means.”

13. When someone describes their new car as powerful you laugh and ask:“But can it uproot a tree or throw a buffalo over its head?”

14. Stargazing has replaced the television as your favourite source of entertainment.

15. You’re less likely to turn to Google for an immediate answer and prefer to ponder the question now.

16. Your social media activity has slowed like an old buffalo in mud, but when you do go on Instagram your feed is flooded with wildlife images. And you love it.

17. You now have a thing for leopard print.

18. Your old pool float just ain’t gonna cut it anymore.

19. Now when you dream of flying, it’s more bird than Superman.

20. You can’t stop watching National Geographic and the Discovery Channel.

21. Stopping everything you’re doing to take the time to appreciate a sunset is normal.

22. When someone describes somewhere local you’re going as wild you simply shake your head and whisper, “You have no idea…”

23. You’re more likely to correct someone when they say, “South Africa and West Africa, they are both great countries.”

24. Every time you see a movie set in Africa, you say to anyone who can hear, with a toss of the head and a smile, “Been there…”

25. You know lions don’t walk the streets, not everyone lives in a hut and there are more amazing things to see and do in Africa than there are blades of grass in the Serengeti.

26. You’ve eagerly read through this list and grinned smugly every time a point applied to you.

27. You’re ready to go back …

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