Small Group Tours



In-depth tours are designed for intentionally small groups.
Engaging experts lead them, tour leaders accompany them.
These tours have virtually all-inclusive prices and fixed departure dates each year.

We give you a taste of things uniquely South African, in a variety of niches.
You get an insider’s perspective into the country’s cultural and creative landscape.
You see hand-picked highlights and landmark locations.
You enjoy exclusive access, private viewings, and local gems, wherever possible.
We take you to places off the beaten tourist track, and link you to people you couldn’t meet by yourself.

Our hallmark is our portfolio of specialists – an array of engaging local experts from a variety of niches.
They are guest lecturers who bring alive their worlds through their stories and juicy nuggets not covered in guidebooks.
You get to interact with a cross section of these captivating raconteurs,  hear multiple perspectives, and make authentic connections.

We cherry-pick for charm and character .
You taste seasonal food; drink regional wines; savour local specialities – it’s all about terroir!

Browse our experiential and enriching options around South Africa 

Architecture Tour

Architecture Tour

See what makes the Cape Dutch architecture of the Cape distinctively different – and unique: It’s an eclectic mosaic of vernacular design and a blend of local ingenuity, mixed with imported traditions.

Craft Art Tour

Art, Craft & Design Tour

Open a window into South Africa’s vibrant, creative zone. Engage with cutting edge designers & upcoming talent. Meet hand-picked trail blazers whose inspiring products are both art and craft.

Gastronomy Tours

Gastronomy Tour

Get a taste of the Cape’s cosmopolitan essence and South Africa’s cultural diversity, its local abundance and inherited recipes. Savour a variety of flavours in breathtaking locations and sun drenched landscapes.

History Tour

History Tour

Uncover how the southern landscape in Africa was claimed, tamed and shaped – by hunters, herders, slaves from the East and immigrants from the North. Unravel the centuries, from times past to the dawn of democracy.

Gardens Tour

Gardens Tour

Explore South Africa’s unique botanical wealth, abundant beauty, endless skies and friendly people. Discover the Cape Floral Kingdom – one of only six in the world, the smallest, richest and very hottest of biodiversity hotspots.

Archaeology Tour

Trace the legacy of the Stone Age San Bushmen through their evocative rock art paintings. Peel away the patina of ancient timelines to reveal recent colonial overlays. Track where human origins began in The Cradle of Humankind.

Meet the Makers Tour 

See how creativity flourishes in urban and rural landscapes. Meet talented artisans working in Limpopo (far north of the country). Get to know movers & shakers in the buzzing city culture of Johannesburg & Pretoria.

Ceramics in the Cape Tour

Discover the world of South African ceramics, one of the most dynamic and diverse on the pottery planet. Join in a learning journey with a master class, workshops and studio visits.