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Celebrating South Africa's ban on lion breeeding
Causes to Celebrate!
South Africa has just taken steps to end its multimillion-dollar lion-breeding industry, which supplies cubs for tourism, lions for trophy hunts, and bones for traditional medicine.

A number of factors are thought to have influenced this decision, including growing public opposition to the industry for being inhumane, possible links between legal and illegal trade in lion bones, and greater understanding of the diseases that animals can pass to humans.

In 2016, in a blog about Responsible Petting, we asked:
”Don’t we just all love to have the opportunity to pat/walk or feed a baby lion cub, ride on an elephant’s back or even interact with a wild animal (like a tiger or shark) in nature?”
But said: ”We need to stop and look at the bigger picture from an ethical impact, and ask what happens to these animals down the line, long after we’ve left.”
So let’s stay alert by keeping close to conservationist Ian Michler and the sterling work he’s doing with Blood Lions. 

Let’s honour David Attenborough – the legendary naturalist who tackles topics from plant life to human civilisation; from fossils to climate change, on his 95th birthday on May 08.

Another South African cause to celebrate is the Oscar award to ”My Octopus Teacher” for the Best Documentary, filmed at the bottom tip of Africa, in the vast underwater kelp forest, near the penguin beach. To see where … 

Watch this ”invigorating whale-watching and dune-hopping drive along South Africa’s rocky shores. The journey takes you across the country’s south and east coast, passing through Hout Bay and Chapman’s Peak Drive and across to Hermanus, finishing towards the continent’s southernmost tip where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet.” 

Courtesy of Condé Nast Traveller| A road trip around South Africa

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