Triple Bottom Line Champions

Please raise your glass to an innovative South African company producing distinctive wines – while conserving African wild dogs and their habitat – building a community among supporters of wine, conservation and wildlife art – and contributing to the triple bottom line.

One of Africa’s most desperately endangered mammals, the African Wild Dog is also known as the “Painted Wolf”. These fascinating animals inspired Jeremy and Emma Borg to commit to conservation initiatives via funds from every bottle of their Painted Wolf Wines* sold.

Find out more aboutthese intriguingly beautiful creatures with their co-operative family structure, unusual learned, as opposed to instinctive hunting tactics and their submission-based, rather than dominance-based hierarchy, where nonaggression is emphasised and even over food, they beg energetically instead of fight.

The Borgs favour organically grown, low yielding and mostly un-irrigated vineyards. They are striving to create wines that are balanced, harmonious yet with a persistent lively finish – just like a wild dog pack.
They don’t own their own cellar, but lodge their artisan wine making equipment and barrels with a wine making friend, where they ‘’den” down seasonally.

They are avid fans of two distinctively South African varietals – Chenin Blanc and Pinotage, and their bold, fruit-driven wines expressively reflect their terroir. Look over their ratings – from Steve Tanzer of US Wine Enthusiast, to medals in the Decanter World Wine awards and Old Mutual Trophy Wine shows.

Jeremy, a former professional chef and foodie, has over 20 years experience working in the UK, in California with Rosenblum Cellars and in the Cape with Fairview Wine Estate.
He’s a visionary with a burning passion to build a community of like-minded individuals who embrace a symbiotic relationship, such as grape growers, wine makers, conservation-istas, wildlife artists and photographers. See what they are up to with their creative wine labels.

Emma harnesses her rich photographic and networking skills to tell the Painted Wolf story and draws on her adventurous past to co-craft delicious wines and co-create a company which strives to be socially and environmentally responsible, nimble … and fun to be associated with.

They are inspiring pioneers whose company mantra  is ‘persistently remarkable, remarkably persistent’. Cape Insights salutes their vision and will keep you posted about exciting new initiatives they have up their sleeves. Meanwhile why don’t you try out their wines for yourself?

*Painted Wolf Wines is an advocate for the conservation of the highly endangered African Painted Wolf (African Wild Dogs) and the protection of the diminishing wild spaces of Africa, through its donations to The Tusk Foundation, The Botswana Predator Conservation Trust and The Endangered Wildlife Trust.

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