Museum of Art & Design bespoke trip

Holly Hotchner, Director: MAD

Could not have dreamed of a better way to experience South Africa. What stood out most was the balance of topics and interactions, from township to cities to luxury life. While the inclusion of special guests who were well selected was a real addition to our understanding of Africa.

Linda Grossman & Richard Bass, New York

The scope of the trip was amazing – anyone looking at the itinerary was overwhelmed by its magnitude. The opportunities of meeting indigenous people making crafts was beyond anything I could imagine. I don’t think we could have had a more soul searching, full travel experience.

Lowery Sims, Curator: MAD

The itinerary allowed an experience of the wealth and challenges that are the reality of life in South Africa. The example of the curator at the Lwandle Migrant Labour museum and the guiding spirit of creative collaboratives, were important hallmarks of the trip. Because of the thoughtfulness and completeness of the planning, the experience was seamless.

Beverly & Jerry Siegel, New York

We got the best of the best. Not just seeing the country, but really gaining insight and understanding … because of gracious home entertaining, attention given to us at galleries, meeting the artists and activists who care about others. The soul of the trip was Marion who brought out the best, in every way, of her incredible country. This was not just a trip – it was the experience of a lifetime.

Mary Bloom, Texas

I am still totally fascinated by the country and culture. We did so many things that brought home its variety and complexity.  Loved the art exposure, the traditional and contemporary scene, the artistic creativity on so many levels and the variety of regions we saw. Marion was the gem of the trip.

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