Vibrant Additions to Cape Town’s Street Gallery

Every year in Cape Town, the International Public Arts Festival (IPAF) brings together a collection of inspiring street artists from around the world to create new murals throughout Salt River with a collective message in mind.

This year the IPAF brought 20 artists together to produce breathtaking works under the theme Generation Next, which focuses on the power of generations to come and one generation taking over from another with more knowledge at their finger tips.

Klipper Millsap‘s work above is inspired by vintage imagery and design. His compositions are playful and bold with a touch of cheekiness, and an air of the unexpected – to say nothing of celebrating The Cape Floral Kingdom with its unique type of vegetation called fynbos.

Most of his work is commercial with his clients including Facebook, Marriot Hotels INC and more.
Born in the south of the United States, he studied Illustration at the Savanah College of Art and Design and now this work has a permanent home in Salt River. 

One of the murals that best carries the theme of this year’s IPAF is by Justin Nomad.
He is a South African-based mural artist whose work can be found all over South Africa, as well as internationally in the UK, NY and Asia.
His style ranges from street art to courtier, with a focus on portraiture, realism and city landscapes using a wide variety of mediums.
This work shows how times have changed over the years and how children these days can read a book either straight from the bookshelf or on an iPad.
Look here to see all 20 vibrant new additions to CapeTown’s streetscapes  

Acknowledgment Aimee Pace / CapeTown Etc 


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