Water Blues

A Cape solution to its current water crisis … Drink wine!

Seriously, may we reassure all prospective travellers and concerned friends who are reading doomsday reports, that irrespective of what happens with our local water situation, visitors to the Cape will NOT be inconvenienced.

All quality establishments in the hospitality industry have made arrangements to ensure that their service levels remain unaffected, and are putting in place measures to effectively manage / maintain supply.

Clearly a responsible approach to water usage by all consumers is certainly focusing our minds.
But let’s not lose perspective.
Much like Southern California, Cape Town is susceptible to periodic droughts, and with its Mediterranean climate, winter rains should arrive around June.

So we could see this as a disguised blessing to ignite awareness of a precious resource that we should never take for granted.
It seems that the way ahead globally is about taking ongoing measures to ensure that we live both water-wise and considerate lives … irrespective of climate change challenges.

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