Wave a Magic Wand! Immortalise Someone

How often does anyone get an opportunity to save something only just discovered yet on the brink of extinction?
Something unique … endangered … wild …  rare …. beautiful!

Immortalise your beloved (or your self) via an innovative project to save a threatened species of iris, just discovered near Saldanha Bay on the Cape’s West Coast.

In March, Stephan Welz of Strauss & Co will auction the naming rights to this exquisite species in a bid to to save it. Log onto this internet auction. Spread the word!

The money raised will support the WWF Table Mountain Fund – and the Cape, one of the most biologically rich yet threatened places on earth.
Dr John  Manning of the South African National Biodiversity Institute who will be formally naming and describing the species, has given them the naming rights.

The highest bidder wins the right to name this delicate blue iris, and also receives an original botanical illustration by acclaimed artist Lisa Strachan.

Cape Insights thinks this is an ingenious and creative way to protect something so precious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Al1L5Svheg&feature=player_embedded#at=319

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