Why Jimmy Fallon Wanted a South African on The Tonight Show

When Jimmy Fallon heard that Marlon du Toit, one of South Africa’s finest wildlife photographers & an International Expedition Leader, was Martha Stewart’s ranger on her “incredible” South African safari, he just had to have him on the The Tonight Show (US).

Marlon used the opportunity to highlight the plight of the black-bellied pangolin (aka phataginus tetradactyla). 
Pangolins, or scaly anteaters as they are otherwise known, are unique mammals covered in hard scales, composed of keratin. They predate almost exclusively on ants and termites and are predominantly nocturnal and elusive, secretive mammals.

African pangolins are threatened by intensive hunting and poaching, as well as a developing intercontinental trade. In many parts of Africa pangolin meat is consumed as bush meat and their scales and other body parts are used in traditional African bush medicine known as ‘Muti’ or Juju’.

Due to declines in Asian pangolin populations as well as development-related factors in Africa, African pangolins are now being targeted for intercontinental trade to Asian markets.

Habitat loss comprises a secondary threat and land management practices such as pesticide use and the installation of electric fences pose an often fatal threat to the ground-dwelling African pangolins.
If you want to find out more about pangolins, you can get information here

Marlon’s adventurous – and glamorous – lifestyle has opened up some amazing doors, but he admits it does come with some costs. 
“It’s no secret that this journey requires a lot of time and energy. I am away from home a lot and opportunities like this come at a great cost in terms of my personal life”.

Marlon has previously appeared on The Today Show and The Martha Stewart Show (she invited him on after her South African safari trip), but this will be his first interview with Jimmy Fallon who has a massive viewership.

Hugely honoured to call this epic photographer and wildlife hero, my friend and guide. Been on two adventures with him, many more to come! Big ups to Wild Eye that continues to educate the world about the life of wild!! Wild Eye Marlon du Toit Photography #scar #savethepangolin Marlon Du Toit

Posted by Zoe Mulholland on Monday, 18 March 2019

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